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How it works ?

By Notifications. This is the safest and fastest way to give order to the smartphone. Barely sent, it's arrived. No cable needed, and it works just as well on Android and on IOS.

No change required

CallBridge adapts to YOUR way of working. To start calls, send SMS, use either: keyboard shortcuts, data entry console API Extensions browsers.

Functional in less than 5 minutes

Integrable by everyone, allowing you to deploy CallBridge on just one phone or a full call-center in just a few minutes.

Observable gains immediately

Save time on each call. Definitely eliminate handling errors, false numbers. And increase your productivity. Average time gained is 2h50/week per smartphone connected.

The story of CallBridge or How I doubled my salary in just a few months

Hardly hired, I beat my more experienced colleagues. And with less effort ... My prospecting calls represent the double of the best of them. Find out how with the complete story here.

Stéphan L. CEO, founder of CallBridge (McLeed)

Starting phone calls.

Made Easy and Lightning fast !

Let's Subscribe now


From any computer/any software

Dial calls

Unlimited Users-Emitters

Send SMS

1-click Calls/SMS

By Notification

Unlimited notifications

Boost productivity

From ANY software

Work from anywhere

Gain : 25 seconds/call

Group/Collaboration mode

Included : PC/Cloud/Chrome apps

Import contacts


No time commitment.

Editable at any time

Live Chat Support

Avoid typing

An information you already got ? Just click to call any phone number displayed on your screen.

Your connected telephony

Whether you're on IOS or Android, use your native smartphone features, from your PC.

Unmatched flexibility

Use your smartphone from any PC at any time .... Even from multiple PCs at the same time.

Android Samsung CallBridge Pro
Optimizing Your Time

Gain 17-21 seconds on each call, and up to 25 seconds with our Lightning (pro) feature.

Infinite possibilities

Embed a "Call me back" button on your website ? Automate your SMS ? Add a "Call" button in your CRM ? Just imagine, and do it with CallBridge.

Business software integration

With our API, embed, on your website or software, calling features, SMS, appointments, contacts, GPS ...

Time spent to Start call

Comparison : CallBridge vs Manual dial

Start calls in 1 second

Included services


Need to confirm after-sale support to your customers ?

Type your SMS from a real keyboard. Much more convenient and fast.


You just validate a customer appointment ?

Add it to your calendar with all the details: address, notes, schedules ...

Map + GPS

You have to go to a prospect / customer ?

In one click you send the route to: Maps, Waze or Navigon.


Just received a mail with new contact information ?

Create a new contact directly in your phonebook.


Compare versions: Free vs Pro vs Direct

Contains advertising
Calls YES
Mpas YES
Contacts : basic
Appointment : basic
Gps : Maps only
Max devices : 3
Advertising before each notif
Sms : Only 1 recipient
API access NO
Display : reduced
Delay before action : 3-4 seconds
Support NO
Direct Download
CallBridge Pro
per month/device
+ setup fees : 49.99 €
Calls YES
Maps YES
Contacts : pro (+ fields)
Appointment : pro (+ fields)
Gps : Maps + Waze + Navigon
Max devices : Unlimited
No ads
Sms : multi-recipient
API Access YES 4.99€/month
Display : optimized
No delay before action
Support YES
per month/device
Customer Services
+ Setup Fees : 149.99€
Same features as Pro +
Inbound callsOUI
No-PABX/IPBX solution
Receive customer requests
CalBack in 1 click
Secure Customer Cloud Interface
Customers Mobile app*
Multi-services : accounting, after-sales...
Load Balancing
Queue Management
Save thousands of Euros
Custom Support YES
Coming Soon
Dial call YES YES
Add event/appointment YES YES
Send address (map, GPS) YES YES
Add contact YES YES
Text to the smartphone's clipboard YES YES
Transfer & use smartphone's contacts NO (soon available!)


Compatible IOS / Androïd IOS / Androïd
Mobile App basic version pro version
Available languages English / French English / French
Flash connection of devices
(without typing credentials)
PC Sending Module YES YES
Secure Web sending module (aka Saas) YES YES
Chrome Extension YES YES
API access NO YES (4,99€/month)
API Functions none full :


Notifications unlimited unlimited
Max connected devices 3 devices max unlimited
Automatic action delay Slow
3-4 seconds
Lightning mode
Multi-recipient SMS NO YES
Contact info basic pro (more fields )
Event/appointment basic pro (more fields)
Choice of calendar for event YES YES
GPS Maps Maps
Mobile app display Reduced Optimized
Ads presence YES NO
Int. phone number conversion YES YES
Relaunch last notification
From smartphone
Integration of functions on your site NO YES with API
automatic callback
Integration of functions on your software NO YES with API
call your customer in 1 click,
automatic SMS

Free Support

Web support: Help, FAQ ... YES YES
Email support NO YES
Live Chat support NO YES
Updates No priority Priority

What was your experience with our product like?