Mobile Application to start calls/SMS from the computer

What is CallBridge Mobile

Latest news :
01/04/17 : The CallBridge team wishes you an excellent year 2017.
Many things await us in the coming times, including: a new website
And the arrival of a PRO version of CallBridge with premium features, such as:
Multi-destination SMS, call initiation in less than a second, professional functions, ...

You're tired of :
  • Copying texts/SMS on your smartphone?
  • Retyping phone nums already displayed on your computer screen ?
  • The risk of seizure?
  • Time lost re-entering informations...

Then CallBridge Mobile is here for you.

No need to leave anymore the keyboard of your computer, a simple hotkey is enough to launch a call on your smartphone, send a SMS.

But that's not all: GPS, URL, RDV. Look here at the full list of CalleBridge Mobile's possibilities.

CallBridge Mobile is available on IOS/Android 
and is FREE

No more double entries.
No more copying. 

Your smartphone become FINALLY a part of your computer.

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Basic features :

Ctrl - C - CCall the num
Ctrl -C -VSend SMS
Ctrl - C -BAddress


Tutoriel : QuickStart

1- Create a User/Account on your smartphone
2 - Installe the PC Module from
this page.
3 - Log in on the computer and the smartphone with the same account.

 Let's GO !  


Call SMS Map Agenda Contact Appel Carte from PC to smartphone

- Launch your calls directly from your desktop, applications (Web, word processing, email , CRM , ...)
- Send your SMS,
- Transfer a long text on your smartphone,
- Send an appointment to add to your agenda,
- Ease you the creation of a complete contact (V-Card),
- An address becomes itinerary,


CallBridge Tutorials on Youtube

Favorites Tutorials :

1 - Create the user account

2 - Log in

Tutorials page

Tutorials Playlist

Help & FAQ

Help Aide Asssistance CallBridge Mcleed

A question?

A concern encountered during installation or use of CallBridge ? Not receiving the notifications ?*

Help and FAQ are here to answer all your questions.

And if that is not enough , you can use the form to contact us directly.


CallBridgeMobile for Professionnals Use too
(and it's still FREE)


The story behind CallBridge

In my previous job, I was "on the field" sale agent. And a day / week was dedicated to telephone prospecting and follow-up. We had a great CRM but that was not connected to any phone-line.

Besides, for more ease:
- I preferred to use, as some colleagues, my smartphone for those calls,
- I might as well work from the office, from home on my home computer, or from a hotel connected remotely to the company's server ...

Prospecting calls are calls generally quite short, and quality going tremendously by their quantity. My call statistics were verified and compared with those of my colleagues who were sedentary and doing this almost full time. Just arrived in the company, I needed a way to be "competitive", even on that level. 

After working and improved my presentation scheme, corrected my intonation; there remained a dark spot! About 30% of the time of each call was taken by manipulations: the phone grip, retyping of this number already on the screen, last reverification, launching the call ...

No software on the market was responding to what I wanted, and either they were costing and confusing, or they only worked once in a (big big) while ...

This is how I imagined the ancestor of CallBridge, but only for this function: avoiding all the related operations for launching a call from a number I already had on the screen.

Using this feature, I have not only equaled my sedentary colleagues, but I managed to produce very quickly, almost every time 180-200% of their sales calls. And certainly less tiring me ...

Graphic of the gain using CallBridge vs manual dialing